There was a big brouhaha today about Oprah not wanting to book Sarah Palin on her show…lies, lies, lies. The piece of crap rag The Drudge Report falsely reported that there was a split among Oprah staffers because she didn’t want Palin on the show since she supports Barack Obama.  Here is Oprah’s official statement… Read More

Heather Armstrong over at dooce tells it like it is regarding Sarah Palin and the GOP. I think Women all over this country are letting Sarah know (in a non-sexist way) that letting yourself and your family be used by the GOP is shameful. She needs to really think about what it means to put… Read More

There is something so wrong going on here.  The Republicans and Fox News are trying to make the impending marriage between Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston and how the Republicans are exploiting them okay. They are going to parade these children out to the nation like pieces of meat and Sarah Palin is willing to… Read More

Don’t let me catch you on the street wearing an Obama-Biden t-shirt if you are not registered to vote. So get registered and on Tuesday, November 4, 2008 help make this an historic landslide victory for our country. Click on the graphic below and it will lead you to where you can do several… Read More

  I think everyone is worried about the wrong things; the fact that she doesn’t have foreign relations or national experience is not why McCain chose her; he is going after the people Hillary Clinton called “Hard Working, Uneducated, Invisible Americans.” That is who Sarah Palin is going to appeal to in a major way.… Read More

What a novel idea to include the people that helped you get the nomination in the celebration. As always, be well CF Tweet… Read More