It’s been staring at me for weeks; I have resisted, my will has been strong; but last night it started calling me like crack called Pookie (Chris Rock) in New Jack City. It just kept callin me, callin me man…I finally had to answer. I got up from my chair at the kitchen table, walked over to the cabinets and got a knife. I walked back to the table and just looked at it; salivating. It was so beautiful and sexy I couldn’t help myself. My first obstacle was getting that damn dome off without making a lot of noise. The second obstacle was making the decision to cut. The temptation was too much for me to handle, although while cutting into the smooth velvety skin, I wished with all my might that it would be dry with no moisture at all, however, to the contrary it was moist, it smelled like heaven and was sweet to the touch. I was still in denial, so I didn’t bother to get a plate, I put the slice on a paper towel and took my first bite with a butter knife. It was so delightful, it was like I had never tasted Chocolate cake with chocolate on the outside, chocolate on the inside and white chocolate slivers all over. I enjoyed every last morsel and felt fat for a few minutes, but got over it and relished the memory.

Today, I am back on track and feel no guilt for yesterday’s knee scrape. I enjoyed it and my pleasure center was satisfied…I’m happy!