1. Loving Your Body No Matter What Its Size
  2. Cankles, Cankles, Cankles
  3. Sweating Profusely
  4. SEOD: Side Eye of Death Looks from the Gen-Pop
  5. Not being able to fit in a restaurant booth
  6. Despair (Only if you let yourself go there)
  7. Weird Sour Smells
  8. A War with Shoelaces
  9. Fear of Death (Heart Attack, Stroke, etc.)
  10. Squeezing my fat ass into an airplane seat
  11. Movement (Moving hurts most of the time so you plan your life around being still)
  12. The Toilet and Doing #2 (Need I say more)
  13. Being Healthy?
  14. Knocking your foot against the tube when trying to get in and out of it…raising your leg high enough can be a challenge
  15. Heavy, heavy, heavy breathing…pun intended 🙂

I will constantly update this list; if you have any crazy side effects you’d like to share, send  and I’ll review for placement on the list.

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