This is my first posted weigh-in. I usually step on the scale on the 6th of each month and post it in the “How Chaotic Is My Fat?” page, quietly. Today however, I am so proud of myself, that I want to say it out loud. I LOST 7.4LBS. since my last weigh-in in May. I am so encouraged by… Read More

It’s a move-a-thon people….move that ass, come on, you can do it. Self-motivation is the name of this game. If you are beginning an exercise program after years of living a sedentary lifestyle (like me) and are used to rewarding your couch potato behind with “Chips & Salsa” because you walked 10 steps to the fridge, this move-a-thon is… Read More

I am obese and I know it. I don’t shy away from it or pretend that I don’t see it. No one has ever made a rude comment to my face or been mean to me, partly because I wouldn’t tolerate being treated with anything other than respect. However, this Memorial Day weekend and over the… Read More

Everything on my body hurts right now. I did part two of my exercise last night before I went to class (I started taking a graphic design class last night). I was good for 10 minutes on the treadmill which is great because I only expected to be able to do 2-5minutes. That was not… Read More

Today I had my first workout in what felt like years. I’m doing it in two parts and I just finished the first. I tried pilates and I could barely do the moves but it was fantastic. I tried very hard and I am so proud of myself for the effort. It was awesome, I broke a… Read More

It’s funny how a television commercial can make you evaluate your life. My tivo gets me, made me think, who “gets me,” will I ever allow anyone to “get me.” I don’t think so. I don’t think I will ever trust enough to open myself up to allow the act of “getting me” to happen.… Read More

Dang blast those people who bake too many damn cookies, cupcakes and pies at home, then bring that crap to work to pawn off on unsuspecting sugar deprived fat co-workers. And dang blast all the employees that didn’t bother to have a cupcake yesterday (myself included). They would be gone today peeeeople. My willpower was strong. I resisted all day yesterday. This  morning I went to… Read More

1 Airline ticket to New York: $200 Dinner for 2 at The Melting Pot: $100 Rachel Ray EVOO tee-shirt: $25 Spending the day laughing, cuddling and watching movies with my Mom: Priceless All the other stuff was great, but just spending time with my Mom doing what she really wanted to do was awesome. She… Read More

I have a cold right now and I feel pretty crappy; but the first thing I thought was, “this should be good for at least 2 or 3 pounds.” Is that sick or what. I’m not happy that I have a cold, but if it will help me lose a few pounds, then cough on sister… Read More

Now that I have started eating to live instead of living to eat, I am trying the many recipes that I have found online and elsewhere. Some of them are really good and I will feature one whenever I feel one is just too good to keep to myself.                               One thing I feel would be criminal to… Read More