This Fernando Botero painting depicts exactly how I feel; like a woman falling with her dress up around her head exposing her naughty bits to the world. I got on the scale today and guess what…I gained weight. It made me think of something I heard on Oprah the other day about cleaning up the… Read More

Tonight to relieve the boredom, I started channel surfing and landed on HollyHood an MTV reality show staring the Oscar winning rap trio Three 6 Mafia. I come in somewhere in the middle to find that the cast is having a weight loss contest. I’m watching and one at a time, three fat men get on the scale… Read More

Not only do you have to be concerned about your weight and getting healthy, now you have to be concerned about your job and getting fired; with a touch of emphasis for Black Americans. Article after the jump…Study says obese workers costing employers []… Read More

I read an interesting article today about how low carbohydrate diets are causing people to become irritable, moody and just plain bitchy. I have found that most fat people, myself included are so miserable that being bitchy, moody and irritable (although we don’t want to be) is a way of life. However, I do believe that food… Read More

I watched Blood Diamond last night (good performances by everyone btw) and it made me want to vomit. Of course some things in the film were dramatized for cinematic purposes, but I venture to say not by much. A few things struck me while watching the film. One character kept saying “T.I.A.” (This Is Africa), like… Read More

Gosh, rejection is everywhere. I just got rejected by BlogHer to be listed on their site. I completely understand the rejection, but damn it was totally unexpected. As it turns out, I don’t post enough on my blog yet to get a spot in their directory. Maybe I’m not ready to post a blog everyday or willing to… Read More

Sometimes I feel I can just let go and truly be free; I can soar above it all and be happy.  Most of the time I feel so out of control and I become a slave to food. It doesn’t matter that my stomach looks and feels as if it’s going to explode. It doesn’t matter that I’m afraid that any… Read More

I got my new scale today, the Tanita HD-351 Digital Scale, and you would have thought I had landed on the moon. It is good though, it keeps the previous weight memory and it has a 440lb capacity; which is totally outrageous, but necessary. I was a little apprehensive about getting on the scale, I thought… Read More

2/13/07  I have been avoiding this blog for the past couple of days because I didn’t want to talk about this weekend and all of the food I ate. Even though I am talking to myself here, I feel guilty and ashamed. My first mistake was the PIZZA. I had been coveting this pizza for… Read More