Whoa Nelly! It’s hard to see yourself as you really are. I had a friend take the picture of me today and once I got a chance to upload them, I had no choice but to take a long hard look at the fat that is surrounding my body. My chin seems to be an… Read More

It’s been staring at me for weeks; I have resisted, my will has been strong; but last night it started calling me like crack called Pookie (Chris Rock) in New Jack City. It just kept callin me, callin me man…I finally had to answer. I got up from my chair at the kitchen table, walked over to the… Read More

I was going to start this blog with the definition of chaos and fat, but we all know what those things mean so I won’t waste the time. I guess I need to define what they mean to me and why I have named my blog “Chaotic Fat.”  There was so much noise and chaos and… Read More